Thursday, November 19, 2015

First Birthday Prep!

I can not believe we are already here. This Saturday is my little miracle boy's first birthday party! His actual birthday is next week on the 25th but that is one day before Thanksgiving and that weekend is going to be crazy enough! I have so many emotions I just cant believe after everything this is where we are at in life. I am so blessed to have this little boy he is turning into such a sweetheart. He loves to give anything a hug be it me or his stuffed animals even the dogs. He is such a lover boy and im so happy. I am super busy these next couple days getting everything ready. I want it to be perfect for him I know he wont even remember but after how hard we fought to get this boy here I want him to have nothing but the best. You only turn one once so better make it count! We are going with a Dr.seuss theme and its adorable. I just cant wait to get him all dressed up and to have family over to celebrate his first year of life. He has just been the best thing to ever happen to us and I am just so thankful he is here and healthy. The future is so bright with his little life in it check back soon for his ONE year update and Birthday recap. I cant wait!!!!

Monday, November 2, 2015


We had such a good first Halloween with our little boy. Its really so much better with a little one around. I a so thankful I have him and get to experience these little firsts with a healthy little guy. I have been planning his first costume since long before he was born I remember being so excited last year when I was nine months pregnant. I just couldn't wait until this year to dress him all up. It turned out awesome and he was adorable he had a great time checking out all the kids trick or treating we went around the block and it was just enough for his age. He was ready to be home after that he was very intrigued
in the whole thing. He loved playing with the candy and we gave him some organic fruit snacks for a little treat Dad got all the good stuff! Just a few pictures of our fun night. Cant believe its his BIRTHDAY month ahhh so much to do!!

Monday, October 26, 2015

Busy Life With An Eleven Month Old

Oh man guys how do I let this get away? At least I feel I have some valid excuses this time around other then all my attention going to my sweet little boy. We have had a CRAZY past month! First off we were in the process of buying a home which thank goodness is finally over and we found a beautiful and also moved. Seriously people I am never moving again EVER! Its a terrible process we moved three times in the past three months. First we sold our town home and then moved all of our stuff into my moms house for storage. Then a week later we moved it from her home to the house we were renting for only three months while we looked for a new house. The reason for that was we wanted to be sure our home sold before we bought a new one we couldn't afford two mortgages. Thank goodness about a month until time ran out and we would have no home we found a gorgeous home to put an offer in and we got it! So finally to move for the third time but it was worth it just pure madness I tell ya. All in the process of those things happening I launched two new businesses. In my hopes to be able to stay at home and raise Aiden eventually I would have to go back to work sometime next year so I came up with these two ideas in hopes to avoid that happening. So far its going okay its definitely not easy getting a new business out there. My first one is a unique candle making one. Its called Healing Stone Candles. I make homemade candles and in each one I add a surprise healing stone like quartz for example. So you never know which stone and healing properties you will get. In some I also add a valuable pendant that can rage from 30-200$. Its been pretty fun I love making them so its nice I have something to enjoy. If you would like go check out my Etsy store. . Next this one is the more exciting one! I opened a business called Green Love Products. I find the safest and most eco friendly kids and baby products I can and sell them on amazon. Right now we have a few really exciting products. We launched an eco kids dinner set that is made from rice husks and its adorable also chemical free. Another one is this cute Mama and baby teether that is a koala necklace and its organic, bpa free silicone. I love them and my little boy of course loves all these things and I can feel safe knowing whats in them and knowing its not going to harm him with chemicals. We have a lot of exciting things in the works. Right now we only have a facebook page for it. . I am thinking about doing a giveaway here on the blog soon in hopes to get our name out there. Now lets get back to my little man. He turned eleven months old yesterday and we are in full on party planning mode. Have been for a while honestly ha ha I am way too excited but its definitely a milestone to celebrate! He is so close to walking and can stand all by himself. He is all over the house everywhere like a crazy little monkey and can climb up the stairs so fast! We had a lot of baby proofing to do in our new home. He absolutely loves the dogs and cats and drives them all crazy with his "love" for them ha ha. He is turning into such a sweet little guy. Tantrums are starting for sure and he is definitely testing his boundaries. He is learning new words really fast and can say Dada, kitty cat "every animal is a kitty cat", bye bye, hi, that. He will point his little finger wherever he wants to go and say that its the cutest. We started doing flashcards and he is so smart he can already point out a huge amount of them and knows what they are. He has started to pick up anything and use it like a phone and he just blabs away anything even a cup, toy, paper on the ground, his cute little hand its my favorite. He is growing up so fast I am trying to savor every moment of it. We are still nursing like he was a newborn ha ha its rough but im sure one day I will look back and be glad he didnt start to wean at all yet. Nights are still hard he wakes up crying all night sometimes and some nights he sleeps until around five am then eats and will go back down for a few hours its always a gamble. I am getting really excited for the holidays and cant wait to see him experience them in all his little one year old self. I hope everything has been going great for everyone I have been reading blogs still just not had time to sit down and write mine!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Nine months old and a Half ..

Geez here I am late again!! Am I ever going to get one of these done on time again? At least I have some legitimate excuses this time around. Mostly its this little adorable monster that gets into anything and everything he can. Nothing is safe anymore its pure madness in this house. Another huge thing is we bought a home!! A real actual house not a townhouse!! I could not be more excited its such a huge blessing to have found such a beautiful house for us to grow in. I have already bought the new dining set and little mans new bedroom decor. I cant help myself I am just so excited to finally have a real house to make our own. On to this little boy, He is growing and getting smarter every single day. I cant believe how much these little ones can learn so fast! He is so so close to walking he has great balance and can stand up unassisted but is still not confident enough to take steps alone. If we are holding his hand he loves to walk all over the house. Its only a matter of time before he is walking and to be honest im glad he has not yet because he already crawls so fast all over the house that I am constantly chasing him everywhere and let me tell you he is quick!! We had our first scare that was more than enough of one for me. He likes to play in the kitchen while im doing dishes and he plays on the chairs and table. He has always done just fine and loves to slap his little hands on the chair seats, well I was just doing our usual when I heard him fall and a loud thud went with him. I ran around the counter so fast and he had fallen and took the kitchen chair with him!! I was freaking out and he had a really mean gash just above his eye. Poor thing I was scaring him more myself I think because I was so panicked and grabbed him and rushed to the urgent care! Thankfully he didnt need stitches or even glue it was not actually too bad but bad enough for me. So now little mr is no where allowed near the kitchen anymore. It was by far the worst experience and I hope to not have anymore like it forever if we can manage that. At his nine month check up he was about 18 lbs. At the urgent care which just happened last week he was 19 lbs. He is growing so big and acts more and more like a little boy and not an infant. He still loves to eat anything we are eating and seems to be a bottomless pit! He is nursing all day and night still im not sure if we are doing something wrong but he is no where near slowing down. Sleep is a sore subject I am tired every single day this boy I dont think will ever get the hang of sleeping. The longest he has went was seven hours and that was just once the other night. His usual is up at the minimum three times a night then ready for the day bright and early at 6 or 630 am. I dont really know what to do but go with it and hope that one day magic happens and he sleeps through. I am ready to night wean though or at least cut back somehow. I do let him cry some nights but the past two weeks I have felt really bad because he hurt his poor face and he is also teething really bad. He has his bottom two in and now the top two have just cut through and poor baby is miserable. To top it off we have all had terrible colds so sleep has been not good in this household. He has finally learned his first real word that he associates with what it actually means. Its up and its the cutest thing in the world. He will grab his little toy ball and hold it up as high as he can get it and say up! I love it its so adorable he will do it over and over. He is starting to babble more and more but no real other words I can make out yet. He is definitely all boy and loves his basketball hoop he will put the ball in over and over and knows how to work all the little buttons on it. He has started going to his toy box and pulling every single toy out and its been real fun lol! He loves to give hugs and will love on his stuffed animals all day. The tantrums have already begun and are scary yet cute at the same time. We are trying to just stick with positive reinforcement and so far it does the job well we just distract him with something he can do and he will go with it. His favorite right now is giving high fives and slobbery kisses. WE love him to death and he just keeps getting more and more fun as he grows and is able to take in more around him. I cant wait for the holidays and to have my sweet boy with us to celebrate. I have already started planning his first birthday and could not be more excited with how it is turning out. Time is just flying by and soon we will have a one year old I cant hardly believe it!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

8 months old

Well clearly I am a little late and I would have to blame this little mobile almost nine month old! He is into EVERYTHING!! Its adorable though we are at such a fun yet exhausting stage. This little boy is growing by leaps and bounds. He is the smartest little thing and learns new stuff all day long. I need to write it all down before I start getting things all mixed up he does new stuff everyday. Lets talk about food! His appetite has really grown he seems to be hungry no matter what. He is a bottomless pit I swear! This is a typical day of eating for this boy. Wakes up about 630-7 am. Nurses on both sides completely empties them! Then we head out to get the day started and I either give him some applesauce or a yogurt with some fruit. Maybe he will have a few puffs for a little snack then he will nurse again before naptime around 930-10. Once he is up either a half hour to sometimes an hour and a half I will make him a bigger breakfast sometimes we just skip to lunch time. He will have eggs and fruit or maybe some french toast even a waffle. For lunches we do grilled cheeses he LOVES those! Or I will just boil some veggies and let him go at it. He really loves anything and everything. I will feed him a huge meal and then make me some and I never get away without sharing it. Then for the afternoon he will have another nap and when he is up I will give him another snack pretty much just anything healthy I can find thats easy. Around 6pm is dinner and he gets whatever we are having as long as we are not cheating and having take out or something if thats the case I will whip him up something small and healthier. He loves all sorts of dinners. He will eat chicken and rice or hamburger he really loves it all. I feel like I could feed him all day long and he would still gladly eat it all gone. I am thinking we are in trouble with groceries the bigger he gets lol. He is still up twice a night to nurse also boy is a hungry little hippo! *Teeth! He has two bottom front ones all the way in and im sure the top two are going to be coming in no time! He is really good with them while nursing I have only been bitten maybe three times and he listens well when I tell him No bite! Sleep is still a work in progress boy has never been a good sleeper. Some nights he will go seven hours which is amazing but its hardly a frequent happening in this house. He seems to still be every three to four hours and I will tell you I am very very tired! I am handling it though it does get harder on different days. Sometimes I wonder how it would be to be one of those that have babies that sleep 10 plus hours at night right from the start. Then I think about all the extra time im getting to spend with him and it makes it all okay it wont be long before I am missing getting up with him at night and him needing me. Mobility has really soared. He has been crawling since he was about four months old so now that he is almost nine months old he is a little pro. This boy can practically run on his little knees! He is crazy fast and will anyday be taking his first steps. He loves to pull up on anything and everything and he can run while holding onto the couch or the stair railing. He also will crawl over anything be it us or a box really anything! I bought him a ball pit thinking hey this will contain him for a second so maybe I can say get the dishes done without my little helper "helping". Nope that boy crawled right over that ball pit and on his little way he went. Very cute though!! He is a little social butterfly and is scared of nothing. Loves loud noises loves the vacuum I can chase him around with it and he could care less how loud it is. He is a little cheeser out in public big huge smiles and lately he has been doing a little scrunchy nose face and smiles with his eyes its adorable and of course everyone just loves it. He is really getting into books and loves to play with them while talking away. He can clap and give high fives. He will way hello and goodbye. He also loves to kick balls. He is really good at actually kicking it too we may have a little future soccer player on our hands although daddy is hoping for football ha ha. He really has turned into such a little kid these days I just cant believe this boy is the same little newborn we brought home not even nine months ago. He adores the pets and loves to be out in nature. We could not be more lucky to have this smart healthy little boy in our lives. I cant believe I am already planning a First birthday party soon! So very grateful!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Seven month update

These updates keep coming faster and faster it seems. This boy is growing and learning so fast it blows my mind. I swear sometimes I feel like I have a little super star kid this boy is so so smart already. He amazes me everyday just how much he changes. This month brought a lot of fun new things. Little man has gotten super fast at crawling he loves it when I chase him and he will crawl as fast as his little legs will take him its adorable I need to get a video of it. He is getting really good at finding what toy he wants to get and crawls to it then he will just sit right up and start to play with it he is very efficient at it and has no problem plopping back down and going on his way to another toy. I have a feeling he is going to be walking in no time he will crawl to anywhere he can reach and pull himself right up to standing. Its been scary I can no longer even run to bathroom to pee because in seconds that boy will be off somewhere trying to stand up and its just madness. His hand eye coordination is awesome he can put little basketballs in the mini hoop we got him and he loves to put his books in and out of the book box on the floor. We have bought him a little cube learning center and he goes crazy on it he can do every single thing on it without a problem he loves turning the gears. My baby boy got his first tooth! Its still cutting through poor thing but its pretty visible and you can feel the sharp tops of it. Life has been a little crazy we finally sold our home and right now we are living in a home for rent for three months while we figure out what the real plan is. Poor boy got threw off his routine and im paying for it he is back to waking up at least four times a night but its okay im very tired again but im sure he is confused hopefully soon it gets back to only once or twice. We got family pictures done finally and they are awesome I only have a couple previews right now im excited to see the rest. I just cant believe how fast this kid is learning I already feel like I need to watch my language around him because he knows what is going on im sure not everything but that boy is smart and its only a matter of time before he is repeating what we say lol. He loves his solids thats for sure he will eat pretty much anything we give him. Most dinners we will just make a little side for him with no seasonings or stuff like that and put it on his high chair and he will go right at it and eat it all up he has gotten very good at getting the food into his mouth and not all over the floor. The tantrums have already started boy is obsessed with the gross dog toys we have bought that kid a million toys and the second he sets eyes on the dog toy he flies for it and when I go to get it he screams and arches his back all crazy its adorable but seems so soon were in for it I can tell. I love him to pieces I am so so happy I got him he has grown right into our family and I cant wait for all the new adventures to come I wonder what month eight will bring im going to bet he will be walking by then we will see!

Friday, June 5, 2015

I have been featured!!

Go check out the awesome TTC site they have a lot of good information and positive stories!!